Burlington Hydro offers a range of SaveONenergy programs from the IESO to help howeowners reduce electricity usage at home

We're committed to helping customers conserve.

In conjunction with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), Burlington Hydro delivers a portfolio of saveONenergy Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) programs to its residential customers. saveONenergy conservation programs for the home are designed to make it easier than ever for our customers to conserve energy and manage their electricity use. The programs include: Heating and Cooling Incentive; Fridge and Freezer Pickup; peaksaver PLUS™; New Home Construction; Seasonal Appliance Exchange and Coupon Events.

Burlington Hydro was one of the first utilities in Ontario to offer the demand management peaksaver PLUS™ program. An extension of the original peaksaver program, participating customers receive free programmable thermostats and energy displays, where eligible. The program allows remote access to air conditioners so that they can be dialed up on those occasions when the province’s demand is critically high – normally on hot, humid afternoons during the summer months.

You've Got The Power ... We've Got the saveONenergy Programs

At Burlington Hydro, we're passionate about creating a 'culture of conservation' in our community and we're committed to helping our customers conserve.

Connecting with our Customers

Staffed by Burlington Hydro Employees the  Conservation Event Team participates in events throughout the community - from the Spring & Fall Home Shows to The Children’s Festival and Canada Day celebrations, the Team engages customers and promotes conservation awareness.

Provincial Conservation Targets

2011 represented the first year of a four-year commitment by Burlington Hydro, and all Ontario electricity utilities, to assume conservation targets set by the provincial government - as a condition of the utility's licence. Burlington Hydro's four-year target includes 22 MW in demand savings and the shaving of 84 GW hous of consumption. In energy savings alone, this represents enough electricity to power approximately 8,400 residential homes for one year.